About This Project

Central Denmark EU Office is a semi-public organisation in Bruxelles that helps companies, cultural life and educational institutions get the most out of Denmark’s EU membership.

We have worked with CDEU for several years on a number of communication projects, including their very untraditional annual reports.

CDEU sees the annual report as something more than numbers and tables. It wants to convey a message with each annual report’s content and form and their report is as much “marketing brochure” as “financial report”. Past examples have included a travel guide for navigating the EU system, a “virtual” iPad to highlight the EU’s online offerings, and a Passport-formed report that is a reminder of CDEU’s core mission of ensuring access to Europe and the EU for its Danish stakeholders.

The results have been a year-after-year report that has bolstered CDEU’s image as an innovative and approachable resource for the people of Denmark in a seemingly complex bureaucratic EU system.


Annual Reports, Årsrapporter, Konceptudvikling, Kreativ, Ledelseskommunikation, Tekstforfatter